Everything about THROTTLOGIC started with a passion for quality. Simply, we believe you deserve the best products whether they’re for a brand or a personal endeavor. Our product is made by industry experts to suit your needs large or small. Throttlogic is a print production company, focusing primarily on Stickers, Keychains and Tshirt but our expertise in printed goods extends far beyond three items. We believe your brand deserves more than a paper sticker that tears away after a week, that’s why our products are built to stick.

Our entire operation is located in the heart of India, Delhi and our connection to where we live has a large impact on the way we operate our business. From eco-friendly inks, recyclable stickers, and a variety of items, we are striving to be the most eco-conscious sticker company in the market. Our stickers are made with the best materials available. Our outdoor durable base, eco-friendly inks, and weather-resistant laminate make our stickers hard to beat.

While we pride ourselves on quality and durability, we are also leading the industry in variety with over 25 product options to choose from. Whether you need your stickers to glow in the dark, to reflect, or to shine bright, we have the thing for you. Do you want yourself to look the best and last the longest? Yeah, we thought so. The combined power of quality, durability, and variety gives you the ability to stick out from the crowd.

Custom Stickers, keychains, and other related items are the fastest and easiest way to promote your Club, product, brand, or event – and THROTTLOGIC is the fastest and easiest way to buy custom stickers, keychains, and other related items. We create high-quality products from any artwork, logo, or photo. Order your cool stickers, keychains, and more in seconds and receive free online proofs, free shipping, expert customer service, and super-fast turnaround.


I really do care about this business and my customers. You are the most important part of my business. If you have any problems, or questions or just want to chat about bikes, flick me an email at throttlogic@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you within a couple of hours!